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[September 09, 08-13z] Vladivostok Eastern Gates

[September 09, 08-13z] Vladivostok Eastern Gates

Сообщение Nikita Assorov 1127804 » 22 авг 2017, 15:06


Dear friends!

Every year in September Vladivostok, known as the Far Eastern gates of Russia, holds the Eastern Economic Forum. Guests from all over the world fly to the Russian Far East. This year Vladivostok is waiting for the state delegations from Japan, the Republic of Korea, the People's Republic of China, Mongolia, India, and Vietnam. Representatives of business from different countries will also come to Vladivostok with regular airline flights and private business jets.

We invite you to visit the Eastern Gates Fly-Inn, for which we have prepared a booking system for all the scheduled and charter flights arriving in Vladivostok and departing from Vladivostok. We are pleased to offer you to use the booking page, where you can choose a convenient flight or add a new one.

In early November Vladivostok will become part of the worldwide event VATSIM - WorldFlight 2017, and our event will be a great opportunity to train skills of both ATC controllers and pilots.

Open the Eastern Gate - try Vladivostok !!!
UHWW sceneries for FS9, FSX, P3D, P3D4 and charts are available here

Dear pilots, flights in this event have no fixed schedule, but only real-world duration. Please, do not forget to set planned time of departure (arrival)!

It's allowable to change aircraft type to the same class - Airbus A319/320/321 to Boeing 737, for example.

The current schedule is subject to change.
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