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[Jun 3rd 07-15Z] Estonian Aviation Days fly-in 2017

[Jun 3rd 07-15Z] Estonian Aviation Days fly-in 2017

Сообщение Mark-Julius Pikat 1051954 » 22 май 2017, 20:14


Are you looking for a great summer start? Well look no further - VACC Estonia is taking care of that!

We would like to invite you to our 3rd Estonian Aviation Days fly-in, where we will provide full-staffed ATC service within Lennart Meri Tallinn Airport (EETN) and Tallinn FIR. The event takes places on Saturday, June 3rd from 07-15Z (10-18 local time). Like in previous time, we will all control from our booth located at Estonian Aviation Museum.

For better planning, we encourage all pilots to book a slot in advance. Also, we kindly ask to fly using microphone (full voice), because there will be real ATC students controlling at our event, too! Please familiarise yourself with special pilot briefing, where you can find information about airport’s frequencies, departure and arrival procedures. It is available at http://events.estvacc.org.

We look forward to hearing you on our frequencies on 3rd of June!
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