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[Sep 25 14-19z] Moscow Sheremetyevo RealOps

[Sep 25 14-19z] Moscow Sheremetyevo RealOps

Сообщение Nikita Assorov 1127804 » 12 сен 2016, 19:15

Dear friends!

VATRUS division offers you to join one of the biggest events of season 2016-2017! Controllers of Moscow ACC invites everyone to spend the last Sunday of September in our airspace, participating the Real Operations of Sheremetyevo Airport! This fly-in opens the autumn season and continues the sequence of beloved RealOps events, which was started in spring.

The capital of Russia receives more than 15 millions tourists per year, while having nearly 15 millions of own citizens. Sheremetyevo is one of three major airports of Moscow region, recently it became the busiest airport of the Russian Federation; there are 2 aircraft landing or taking-off every minute. Also, the airport is a hub for the biggest airline of Russia - Aeroflot.

Traditionally, evening is one of the busiest periods for the airport operations, when the flow of flights from Europe and Central Russia arrives, by the time the aircraft bound for Siberia and Asia only start their journey. We offer you to feel deep passions of the airport at the dawn background. You will need all your experience and skills to be able to hook into the busy radio traffic and wade through overloaded airspace.

Are you ready for this? Then prepare charts, load the passengers and welcome to Sheremetyevo RealOps! From 14:00 till 19:00 UTC you will be served by the professional ATC's of Moscow FIR, supported by the colleagues from Saint-Petersburg, Rostov, Samara and Minsk FIR.

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Charts, sceneries (unfortunately in Russian, but you'll get it :) )
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