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New VATRUS data server

New VATRUS data server

Сообщение Alexey Kaznakov 1142081 » 09 дек 2016, 17:01

От November 30 was launched new data server for the VATSIM network users. The server created by VATRUS division and is located in St. Petersburg. During a test period under the supervision of Kieran Harderna (VATGOV6), users can use the service in full mode. Also after the end of the test period the server in Krasnoyarsk will be lunched for the residents of the Far East.

We remind that on February 29 the Division's official TeamSpeak3 server (ts.vatrus.info) was restarted on a new platform in St. Petersburg, and on April 15 - the new voice server (voice.vatrus.info) was opened as well.

Information about division's technical services is located on official VATRUS website in Services page.
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